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NQF Level 5 certified programmes which cover a full range of data skills.

EXPLORE’s qualifications equip learners with a comprehensive suite of data skills so that they can add value in any business, fast

Thanks to the innovative design of our learning platform, and the passion of our scientist facilitators, EXPLORE graduates are set up to fly in the working world.

Tackling real-world problems throughout the programme, working in teams to practice the theory taught, and navigating the complexities of project management are only some of the essential skills learners have to deal with. They complete an EXPLORE qualification with a rich set of skills they can apply anywhere.

What are you waiting for?

I came from a business focused role. I had a desire to break into tech, more specifically Data Science and EXPLORE’s Data Science program became the catalyst for that ambition to materialise. I went from knowing nothing about coding to now working in a role where I get to build and implement effective software solutions for some of the biggest organizations in South Africa.
Jake Ruele

Our NANO Qualifications

A curated set of digital skills, packaged in an intelligent way, to ensure learners depart with an
immediately usable toolset. These are offered part-time online.

There is no one-tool-fits-all in the digital world

Which is why it is vital for future high-flyers to gather a basket of skills which they can use, test and experiment with as they search for an elegant solution to a complex problem.

EXPLORE’s NANO-qualifications offer a smart combination of skills, expertly curated to ensure learners acquire a complimentary set of tools for maximum benefit.

I got to see how valuable data is because, the way the content is structured you get to "Explore" how to tackle some real-life problems using data for insights and possible solutions.
Lindokuhle Pearlson Moloi

Our Digital Skills

Bite-sized learning blocks to learn a new skill independently. A great way to get a solid foundation in a single tool or concept.

The joy of learning comes from expanding your horizons,
and then looking beyond them to see what else lies there.

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At EXPLORE we believe that talented individuals should be able to access opportunities to uncover their potential and realise their dreams. We are dedicated to make learning more accessible.
The EXPLORE loan is designed to do exactly that. With 36 months to pay off your studies, our intention is to offer a competitive and affordable financing option.
Naturally, we need some details and documents from you to get your application started.

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