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We practice what we teach. Our team has been solving radical real-world problems for decades.
Now we are busy with new problems on a global stage. We are the preferred data science partner to two UK enterprises. We’ve worked with the biggest banks, insurers and utility companies in South Africa.

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Our Practice Areas

Customer Sentiment

Understand what customers are saying through emails, calls and social media.

Platform Credit Matching

Ensure customers are matched with the appropriate lenders for their risk profile.

Claims Assessment

Digitizing claim forms and build intelligence to help assessors make the optimal decision.

Modelling Default Risk

Use publicly available financial statements to predict a company’s credit score and probability of default.

We have 10 years experience working with large Financial Services businesses. We have worked on some of their toughest issues. From Pricing Schedules to Loan Application Optimization to Automated Sales Compliance algorithms to Voice of the Customer analytics we've helped Banks and Insurers deliver better products and services to their customers.

Supply Interruption

Stream information real-time to predict if, when and why your customers will experience problems.

Risk Analysis

See where in your network the risks are, how big they are and what to do to fix them.

Predictive Maintenance

Understand what assets you should maintain when, to optimise asset spend and customer satisfaction

Customer Optimisation

Understand your customer’s behaviour, sentiment and profitability so you’re better equipped to deliver great service to them.

Capital Efficiency

See where and how to invest in new capital infrastructure.

Field Force Optimisation

Understand the performance of your field force and how to improve their efficiency.

We have 7 years experience working with large Utility Networks. We have solved some of their thorniest problems. From pieces on Predictive Maintenance to Capital Efficiency to System Risk we have helped large national operators serve their customers critical public utilities better. Our work has impacted 10M's of people across the world. We're really proud of that.

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