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At EXPLORE we find smart people and teach them how to use the latest technologies so that they can solve impossible problems. Our EXPLORERs are brilliant, tenacious and resilient.

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Hear more from our inspiring alumni who have transformed their careers and are making an impact in tech.


Explore Data Science Academy has truly surpassed our expectations in terms of the quality of the data science graduates that it has produced. The group that joined our team fitted in seamlessly and could very quickly start to add value. I look forward to seeing the future impact of the Explore Data Science Academy on the Telkom Group and on our country!


Attending EDSA was one of the best things I have done for my life. The experience and knowledge I have gained is far more valuable than anything I have done in my life. The environment is ideal for the type of work associated with it. It’s very interactive and intuitive. I enjoyed the subtle competitive space we work at, and it brought out the best in me. I am glad and grateful for the opportunity to have Explored my untapped abilities.


Approaching problems with the end in mind – that is, how I’m going to solve them has been a key aspect at the Academy. It has provided variety of avenues and allowing me to venture into untapped areas with the skills I’ve obtained at the Academy. I now understand the modern world in a more exciting new way.

What Makes Our Grads Successful?

We test for aptitude and attitude. Our application processes are open to anyone and our Payment Plans allow access to students from any background.

Our learning platform updates your learning profile in real-time so you know how you’re doing all the time. Every day you now where to focus and what to do next.

Learning centres around solving real-world problems in teams with tight deadlines Every few weeks we give you new problems, new team and new deadlines to work towards

At EXPLORE you're surrounded by people. Your peers, your facilitators, your supervisors and your team members. You learn to work together, collaborate, lead and follow. We believe a core skill of the future is working in teams.

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