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EXPLORE students learn much more than skills - they learn to become more than they thought they could be.
That’s why our alumni are so sought after and climb quickly to senior positions: they have smarts, heart and a hunger to make an impact. They are committed to better, and it shows.

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Alumni Story


Zaheeda Tsitsiki

6 Years later, here I am - a widowed woman with a 3-year-old son. With his adorable chubby cheeks and innocent large eyes glaring at me I thought to myself, “now is the time, I need professional skills. Out of everything this past year, I’ve learned never to underestimate the power and ability I have within myself, the importance of resilience and pushing through no matter how daunting things may seem, I learned that I, Zaheeda, mother of Hamza, can be a force to be reckoned with. I can be an asset to the corporate/start-up world while given the opportunity to home and master my skills.


Mbusi Sithole

Attending EDSA was one of the best things I have done for my life. The experience and knowledge I have gained is far more valuable than anything I have done in my life. The environment is ideal for the type of work associated with it. It’s very interactive and intuitive. I enjoyed the subtle competitive space we work at, and it brought out the best in me. I am glad and grateful for the opportunity to have Explored my untapped abilities.


Galaletsang Molefi

Approaching problems with the end in mind – that is, how I’m going to solve them has been a key aspect at the Academy. It has provided variety of avenues and allowing me to venture into untapped areas with the skills I’ve obtained at the Academy. I now understand the modern world in a more exciting new way.



Have you wondered what it takes to be employable in South Africa and become an asset to next company you are going to join? Then it means you never heard of Explore Data Science Academy. It takes only a simple application to be one of the luckiest South Africans to learn the Data Science skills from Python, Databases, Data analytics, Cloud Computing, to Machine learning. I got employed by Sanlam immediately after my training, and it is because of EDSA that I enjoy my job and contribute effectively to the country’s GDP.



The academy largely allowed me to transition from an academic focussed role into the corporate/technology driven industry. The skills I acquired are mostly related to improving my programming skills, but also relate to data science thinking and problem solving. I am currently a ML Developer as Bidvest ALICE, where we are developing a IT Auditing Bot. I would definitely not have secured this position if not for EDSA, specifically for some skills I learned in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision. Explore provided me with a platform to learn great skills, and nudged me in the direction to find more resources and learn more.



The academy has taught me indispensable skills at a time when the world has become increasingly dependent on data to make good decisions. I am currently working as Junior Data Scientist at a large financial institution and the academy not only taught me all the technical and soft skills I needed for the role but I discovered that I know even more than what was required. The academy is a great fit for people who are lifelong learners, who love discovering new ways of doing things, love a good challenge and want to learn practical 21st century skills.



Being a part of the first EDSA program was a real game-changer and has provided me with the technical as well as softer skill set required to enter a thriving job market. Facilitation of the course was carried out meticulously and allowed for my transition into a role as a Junior Data Scientist at Telkom. I have, since graduation, been inundated with messages from recruiters across the country looking to engage with persons with the skills I have developed at the Academy. Thanks to the EDSA team for the role you have played in launching my career!



Joining Explore Data Science Academy after 10 years of working professionally within data management was the best decision I made for my career. Explore exposed me to new advances in data including cloud computing, a variety of machine learning algorithms, with a solid grounding in statistical analysis. Explore prepared me for my current role in a fintech startup by not only providing me with the technical skills of data modelling and database design that I need for data engineering but also enabled me to communicate effectively with management regarding any decision-making.

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