Become an expert practioner of data visualisation, Python programming, and machine learning in this hands-on qualification in data science.

Program overview

Gain an overview of data science and machine learning - the skills required to be a data scientist. In the Fundamentals phase you'll learn how to clean, analyse and visualise data as well, as how to effectively communicate the findings.

During Machine Learning, you'll solve real-world problems by building regression, classification and unsupervised learning algorithms in Python. This involves data exploration, insight building, and improving and communicating models from a raw and unstructured dataset.

Full-time: 6 months at 40+ hours per week
Part-time: 12 months at 15+ hours per week

Is this course for you?

This course is geared towards newcomers to the STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and maths. You ideally want to close the gaps in your analytical skills and knowledge. This course is beneficial to beginners and professionals alike, who desire to rapidly upgrade or populate their data science toolkit with demonstrable and practical skills.

Data science is useful to workers in all industries: from marketing to sales, finance to operations, engineering to executive leadership. This course is technical in nature. It is recommended that you have an analytical background (having worked with mathematics or statistics). Experience in at least one programming language would be beneficial but not required.

Data Science Fundamentals

  • Sprint 1: EXPLORE 101

    Understand common data terminology and learn how to define your problems before you tackle them.

  • Sprint 2: Data Visualisation

    Build dashboards and tell stories with your data to be more persuasive with your findings.

  • Sprint 3 : Python for Data Science

    Learn the fundamentals of Python programming: working in notebooks; logic and functions; and data structures.

  • Sprint 4: SQL for Data Science

    Work with SQL to use databases for storing, reading and updating data.

Machine Learning

  • Sprint 5: Advanced Regression

    Prepare data for modelling, build regression prediction models with Python, and fine-tune them for better results.

  • Sprint 6: Advanced Classification

    Expand your machine learning repertoire into classification, train and predict with models, and learn about NLP.

  • Sprint 7: Unsupervised Learning

    Learn how to cluster unstructured data, build recommender systems and get hands-on with dimensionality reduction.

  • Sprint 8: AWS Cloud Foundations (Optional)

    Get to grips with AWS, the backbone of the modern internet, and one of the providers you'll use to provision data science solutions in your career.

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Value-added services

Alongside the technical content, you'll have access to the following services during your time on the course

Your teaching team

EXPLORE's courses include facilitation by default. Our facilitators are world-class scientists, typically with postgraduate degrees or higher, who are available to contact throughout the duration of the course.

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Payment plans

  • Upfront Payment

    Pay your fees in full before the course starts and enjoy a cost saving. No deposit.
    Applications close: 10 July 2022

  • Pay as you Learn

    Pay monthly for the duration of the course and no further. Fees are payable in advance each month.
    Applications close: 10 July 2022

  • EXPLORE Loan

    Pay your tuition fees over an extended 36 month period, starting from the first month of the course.
    Applications close: 10 July 2022

  • Scholarship

    Exceptional candidates may qualify for a company-sponsored scholarship
    Qualifying testing & interview apply
    Applications close: 10 June 2022

  • Accelerator

    No upfront cost. Do the course, we help you get a job, and you pay us up to 15% of your gross monthly salary until you've paid back your tuition.
    Qualifying testing and interview apply.
    Applications close: 10 June 2022

Upfront Payment
$1,000 Per month for duration of course

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