Within months you will learn one of the highest paid and fastest growing skills in the Tech Industry: Data Science. This world-class course will teach you how to solve difficult problems using the latest advances in the Data Science realm.

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Boost your career with a Data centred Qualification

EXPLORE's comprehensive long course qualifications offer a broad spectrum of data skills, thoughtfully crafted to ensure they can be applied in the workplace immediately.

You'll learn theory, tools and technology in a fast-paced and fun environment, supported by wise and generous tech specialists who delight in learning.

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Data Science

Learners will gain an overview of Data Science and Machine Learning - the skills required to be a data scientist.
In the Fundamentals phase they learn how to clean, analyse and visualise data as well as how to effectively communicate the findings.

During Machine Learning, students solve real-world problems by building regression, classification and unsupervised learning algorithms in Python. This involves data exploration insight building, improving and communicating models from a raw and unstructured dataset.

Data Science Fundamentals

  • EXPLORE 101

    From "What is Data Science?" through to Prediction Models in the workplace, we've got all your questions covered. This high-level, comprehensive walk through the world of Data-Driven problem solving will leave you eager to learn more, and apply your knowledge in whatever it is that you do!

  • SQL for Data Science

    Working with data is foundational in order to unlock the power of data science. Being able to clean, transform, mine and mung large data sets are critical skills for any Data Professional. We teach you to work in SQL, from basic queries to more complex operations where optimisation and database design are key.

  • Python for Data Science

    Our Programming module teaches learners how to work in Python to manipulate large data sets and perform calculations on them in order to analyse the data for insight. From simply ‘running a for loop’ to building advanced algorithms we cover a broad range of subject matter to get you comfortable with one of the most powerful programming languages used today.

  • Visualisation

    This module covers the key principles and applications of being able to tell elegant stories using various visualisation techniques. The ability to visualise data and tell compelling stories is a key capability of the data scientist’s toolkit. We teach the latest dashboarding technologies as a key skill to deliver the insights and recommendations that your data is telling you.

Machine Learning

  • Advanced Regression

    Learn how to prepare data to build predictive models. Understand different regression algorithms, different regularisation techniques, which models to use when, and how to optimise model performance using hyperparameter tuning.

  • Advanced Classification

    Master the art of Implementing different classification models in Python and how to calculate various performance metrics and predict what categories certain data sets fall into. Take a deep dive into the world of Natural Language Processing to find insights from large corpora of text.

  • Unsupervised Learning

    Learn about data dimensionality reduction and how to determine feature significance. Figure out how to analyse unstructured data using various clustering techniques and use association to build a recommender engine.

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At EXPLORE we firmly believe that learning can be fun, even when the content is complex. Our highly experienced course designers are able to share their insights and wisdom through our innovative learning platform and video-first approach. Take a look at what you can expect when joining us:

  • Data Science Online Course

    An overview of what to expect from EXPLORE's online Data Science programme

  • Python Programming

    Programming in Python makes using you data simple & easy, get a feel for how you'll master this art


We take teaching seriously. Great teachers inspire us to connect with topics on a profound level. With experience in the field and the classroom, our course designers and instructors are unmatched.
Simply put: students learn from the best.

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