Business Intelligence

Gain the knowledge, skills and experience to get a job as a Business Intelligence analyst. These include a mix of programming and statistical understanding.
Leaners master the art of building interactive dashboards which bring data to life!

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    January 18, 2021

    Basic Analytical Background

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Our expert scientists have crafted world-class content to ensure learning happens in an engaging, friendly and professional way. Each course allows for varied levels of experience and expertise.

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Boost your career with a Data centred Qualification

EXPLORE's comprehensive long course qualifications are SETA accredited and offer a broad spectrum of data skills, thoughtfully crafted to ensure they can be applied in the workplace immediately.

You'll learn theory, tools and technology in a fast-paced and fun environment, supported by wise and generous tech specialists who delight in learning.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

This course will provide learners with the knowledge, skills and experience to get a job as a Business Intelligence analyst. These roles require a mix of programming and statistical understanding.
The course will guide learners to gather data, visualise data, apply statistical analysis to answer questions and then to make their insights and information as insightful and actionable as possible.
Learners master the art of building interactive dashboards that allow them to answer questions of the data given to them.


  • Gathering Data

    Learn SQL Server and Statistics

  • Analysing Data

    From a basic start through to Probability Theory

  • Visualising Data

    Using Power BI to create insightful dashboards with impact

  • Communicating Insights

    From problem identification through to effectively communicating potential solutions


  • Building a Dashboard

    Use real-life problems faced by a range of professionals to master the art of organising and then visualising important information.

  • Practical Project

    A complex problem to solve using all the theory and tools gained throughout the course

Explore values curiosity: Did you know?

An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

Join the sexiest career of the 21st Century

Data roles are the fastest growing careers with some of the highest paid salaries on offer.

  • Work with the Best

    Our facilitators and support team have been there and done that - experienced practitioners with a range of data mastery in Utilities, Retail and Financial Services. They are your champions and cheerleaders.

  • Learn How to Solve Problems

    The course is built around solving actual problems, whilst learning the latest tools and technologies. Based on the issues that our renowned scientists have helped to solve, each course was designed by a team with years of experience at a global level.

  • Apply Your Skills

    EXPLORE prides itself on the practicality of its courses. Participants must be able to apply the skills and knowledge that they acquire to do Amazing Things. Specialists have put their incredible skills together to ensure that learning adds value and not just 'nice-to-know'.

  • Extended Access to Material

    Participants will have extended access to the material that is covered in the course, allowing them to revisit the techniques whenever they choose to.

Top Student Reviews

  • I'm now employed by, and work in, the most fantastic team ever. I went from having no programming experience to being employed within a year. I don’t know how you did it!

    Tahir Hargey
  • It was an amazing journey which contributed a lot in my life as I studied Finance and did accounting at school, it was amazing to learn new skills which are highly in demand in the Corporate world.

    Precious Gumede
  • I got to see how valuable data is because the way the content is structured you get to "EXPLORE" how to tackle some real-life problems (using recent data) for insights and possible solutions.

    Lindokuhle Pearlson Moloi

Engaging, interactive and entertaining learning

At EXPLORE we firmly believe that learning can be fun, even when the content is complex. Our highly experienced course designers are able to share their insights and wisdom through our innovative learning platform and video-first approach. Take a look at what you can expect when joining us:

  • SQL for Data Science

    Get a feel for how the practical application of SQL is taught at EXPLORE

  • Power BI

    See how data can be brought to life using beautiful dashboarding techniques

  • GSheets

    Take a dive into the power of advanced use of widely available analytics tools...

EXPLORE Services

EXPLORE has your best interests at heart. We want to give you the best chance of success!

  • A Proven Job Search Framework

    After years of helping students get hired, we’ve developed a proven framework for leading a successful job search. Nearly every single student who has followed these guidelines has been hired.

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    EXPLORE's personal development curriculum, THRIVE, forms part of each student's learning journey. Creative, fun content delivered through a cutting-edge platform exposes participants to a host of additional content intended to support, guide, stretch and stimulate learning beyond the technical content on offer. Professional coaches are on hand to support students in need.

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  • Dedicated Career Coaching

    Every student has access to a dedicated career coach who will mentor students through an effective job search via resume review, mock interviews, and strategies for building a job opportunity pipeline and getting a foot in the door at top-choice companies.

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We take teaching seriously. Great teachers inspire us to connect with topics on a profound level. With experience in the field and the classroom, our course designers and instructors are unmatched.
Simply put: students learn from the best.

  • Dewald Botha
    Course Designer

    Dewald is an actuary and senior data scientist. He was one of the first brave souls to join the EXPLORE ship. His skills and experience contributed to the incredible learning experience learners enjoy.

  • Jonathan Gerrand
    Lead Facilitator

    Jonathan is an electrical engineer specialising in biomedical image processing and machine learning (MSc). Having been a founding member of the Data Science for Impact and Decision Enablement (DSIDE) program within the CSIR, he is passionate about teaching, innovating for good, and equipping others to reason within a data driven world. Jonathan loves the outdoors, is unashamedly nerdy, and relishes a compelling debate.

  • Joanne Moonsamy

    Armed with a business degree, Joanne ventured into the world of media, and then cosmetics, before finding a home in Data Science. She believes in the power of storytelling with data and is passionate about alternative education, and solving problems in under-serviced communities. Joanne is decidedly not a morning person unless primed with a cup of [good] coffee.

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