Data Visualisation

Building insights from data is only the start of a Scientist’s journey - telling compelling stories with the data and communicating these insights in exciting and easy to understand ways is a critical part of a data scientist’s job. This nano-qualification leans into the various ways to visualise and communicate the data being analysed.

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EXPLORE's comprehensive nano-qualifications are SETA accredited and offer a cluster of data skills which equip learners to tackle specific problems or projects. Skill sets are curated to ensure they can be applied in the workplace from day 1.

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Data Visualisation Nano-qualification

Learners will grasp the art of visualising data and building attractive dashboards in Power BI to tell powerful stories. This will include gathering data from various sources and connecting it all in Power BI, creating measures with the data to calculate important metrics and using built-in and custom visuals to build a dynamic and interactive dashboard.

Data Visualisation

  • SQL for Data Science

    Basic SQL commands
    Optimising queries for performance
    Database normalisation
    Cleaning, extracting and transforming data

  • Python for Data Science

    Logic, boolean and conditional statements
    Working with algorithms
    Building complex functions
    Building models

  • Visualisation

    Planning, designing and proto-typing dashboards
    Building dashboards
    Building complex dashboards functions
    Working with PowerBI

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  • SQL for Data Science

    A practical guide to applying SQL to your dataset - take a look at how you can expect to learn with EXPLORE scientists as your guides

  • Power BI

    Bring your data to life using beautiful dashboarding techniques

Top Student Reviews

  • I found it exceedingly thrilling and filled with engrossing content and challenges that optimized the whole learning experience. The supportive atmosphere and culture, with highly eloquent instructors, created a positive learning space.

    Atisang Molapo
  • It was an amazing journey which contributed a lot in my life as I studied Finance and did accounting at school, it was amazing to learn new skills which are highly in demand in the Corporate world.

    Precious Gumede
  • The fact that I was allowed to use different methods to achieve a given task was freeing. I felt as if I was given a paint brush and an infinite array of colors to paint my solution without being put into a box.

    Ntwanano Matjokane


We take teaching seriously. Great teachers inspire us to connect with topics on a profound level. With experience in the field and the classroom, our course designers and instructors are unmatched.
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  • Dewald Botha
    Course Designer

    Dewald is an actuary and senior data scientist. He was one of the first brave souls to join the EXPLORE ship.. He helped design and manage EXPLORE's learning platform, and is now leading it’s Financial Services business.

  • Jonathan Botha
    Lead facilitator

    Jonathan has his PhD in Genetics. He decided to leave the world of Academia and pair his unique perspective and insight with Data Science in order to see what strange and interesting things unfold. He also unashamedly prefers tea to coffee.

  • Muzi Xaba

    From retail to FMCG to web development to data science. Quite surprising what one can do with a Bachelor of Commerce and whole lot of online tutorials.

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