Being able to visualise data and tell compelling stories is a key capability of the data scientist’s toolkit. We teach the latest dashboarding technologies as a key skill to deliver the insights and recommendations that your data is telling you.

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    Basic Analytical Background

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Visualisation DIGITAL SKILL

This course covers the key principles and applications of being able to tell elegant stories using various visualisation techniques. The ability to visualise data and tell compelling stories is a key capability of the data scientist’s toolkit. We teach the latest dashboarding technologies as a key skill to deliver the insights and recommendations that your data is telling you.


  • Visualisation Tools

    Data visualisation fundamentals
    Designing a dashboard
    Working with PowerBI
    Telling stories in PowerBI

  • Telling Stories with Data

    Setting Data relationships
    Planning, designing and proto-typing dashboards
    Advanced PowerBI functions
    Advanced PowerBI visuals
    Dashboard Project

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    Our facilitators and support team have been there and done that - experienced practitioners with a range of data mastery in Utilities, Retail and Financial Services. They are your champions and cheerleaders.

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    The course is built around solving actual problems, whilst learning the latest tools and technologies. Based on the issues that our renowned scientists have helped to solve, each course was designed by a team with years of experience at a global level.

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    EXPLORE prides itself on the practicality of its courses. Participants must be able to apply the skills and knowledge that they acquire to do Amazing Things. Specialists have put their incredible skills together to ensure that learning adds value and not just 'nice-to-know'.

  • Extended Access to Material

    Participants will have extended access to the material that is covered in the course, allowing them to revisit the techniques whenever they choose to.

Top Student Reviews

  • Now I know how to use my qualification in accounting, though it is a mile away from data, with precision and a direct approach.

    Mbusi Sithole
  • Dedicated people who obviously believe in what they're doing and have a vocation for the work that they do.

    Tahir Hargey
  • I got to see how valuable data is because the way the content is structured you get to "EXPLORE" how to tackle some real-life problems (using recent data) for insights and possible solutions.

    Lindokuhle Pearlson Moloi

Engaging, interactive and entertaining learning

At EXPLORE we firmly believe that learning can be fun, even when the content is complex. Our highly experienced course designers are able to share their insights and wisdom through our innovative learning platform and video-first approach. Take a look at what you can expect when joining us:

  • SQL for Data Science

    Knowing how to manage your data is a vital skill before you can translate it for others. Our SQL for Data Science Digital Skill ensures you have what it takes!

  • Power BI

    Bring your data to life using beautiful dashboarding techniques see what to expect in the course in this taster video

  • Predictive Modelling

    Once you've mastered Visualisation, take the next step and open the door to a world of possibility using predictive techniques. Our scientists will guide you on this journey

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