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EXPLORE’s rigorous assessments help advance your company’s tech skills. Our tools identify strengths and weaknesses that guide custom learning plans designed for high impact.

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Developed With Industry Leaders to Keep Your Company Competitive

What You Will Do

Know Your

Benchmark your workforce's technical competencies against industry standards in digital marketing, coding, and data.

Know Who
You’re Hiring

Assess the skills of potential job candidates to speed up your talent search and hire the right person for the role.

Robust, Time-
Boxed Tests

Gain a holistic view into your employee’s current capabilities with incisive questions that guide the creation of custom learning paths

Data-Driven Score Reports

Set goals based on real facts. Recommended learning paths are delivered to both employers and test-takers.

A Range of Training Options

We accommodate your preferred learning modality: at your office, at your EXPLORE campus, online via the EXPLORE platform, or a blend.


Re-assess team members post-training to measure progress and improvement. If necessary, remediate and optimize learning plans.

Explore Assessments Have Helped Tens of Thousands of Professionals Reach Their Potentia

What Have EXPLORE Done?

We’ve collaborated across a range of industries to distill key skills for success in data (analysis and science), web development (front- and back-end), and digital marketing roles.
Our assessments are not one-size-fits-all. Whether analyzing a coding test or SQL abilities, each evaluation is designed to focus on a specific field’s key priorities.

General Assembly’s Standards Boards, comprised of leaders at Booz Allen Hamilton, L’Oréal, Nielsen, and more, aim to establish a transparent set of standards across the in-demand fields of data science and digital marketing. Our Board members bring decades of experience and leadership to defining skill requirements that will help to demystify career pathways, streamline hiring practices, and guide strategic development for employees and teams.

GA’s DM1 assessment offers insight into today’s key competencies in six major areas: digital advertising, engagement marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, social media, and multichannel marketing.
Through 45 minutes of select response questions — including multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and drag-and-drop — we're able to determine the test taker's aptitude for supporting digital marketing campaigns.

We evaluate 100+ aspects of each candidate's work and show their scores in context of peer benchmarks, helping you identify top candidates and improvement opportunities.
After individuals complete the scenario-based assessment for their topic, our team provides a post-assessment intelligence report. This allows both test-takers and employers to see score data, full analysis, and recommended next steps for your learning paths.

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