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EXPLORE’s rigorous assessments help advance your company’s tech skills. Our tools identify strengths and weaknesses that guide custom learning plans designed for high impact.

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What You Will Do

Know Your Team

Benchmark your workforce's technical competencies against industry standards in digital marketing, coding, and data.

Know Who You’re Hiring

Assess the skills of potential job candidates to speed up your talent search and hire the right person for the role.

Robust, Time-Boxed Tests

Gain a holistic view into your employee’s current capabilities with incisive questions that guide the creation of custom learning paths

Data-Driven Score Reports

Set goals based on real facts. Recommended learning paths are delivered to both employers and test-takers.

A Range of Training Options

We accommodate your preferred learning modality: at your office, at your EXPLORE campus, online via the EXPLORE platform, or a blend.

Ongoing Learning

Re-assess team members post-training to measure progress and improvement. If necessary, remediate and optimize learning plans.

Explore Assessments Have Helped Tens of Thousands of Professionals Reach Their Potentia

What Can EXPLORE Do?

EXPLORE can assess an organization’s data maturity by interviewing executives and key role players in the Data Science teams. We score the organisation across the 5 Dimensions (15 Areas) and end with a scorecard that assesses the company across the matrix.

EXPLORE can advise you on the Standards, Policies and Governance structures required as your company becomes increasingly run by algorithms. As your business relies more on AI to run it is critical you have robust governance around model choice, the parameters set and the maintenance thereof.

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