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Social Development

EXPLORE helps to drive critical skills to previously disadvantaged youth and creates opportunities for them to thrive in the 21st century. We are building the next generation of AMAZING PEOPLE, on a mission to be the launch pad for South Africa's most talented students. Our one year data science learnerships have a 90%+ employment outcome with high first year earning potential.
Impacting people, impacting communities.
We're going to make a huge difference. We know it. And we won't stop till we do.

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Talent is Everywhere

Our country has crazy talent. It's often hidden in places you'd least expect. We find that talent, nurture it, and accelerate it.

No Degree Required

We don't care about degrees. Don't show us qualifications, show us passion, purpose and potential. Show us your fire, and your desire to change the world.

Drive youth employment

With 90%+ absorption rate at average salary of R360,000 we're very proud of the outcomes we've achieved.

Our courses are MICT SETA accredited and NQF Level 5 Learnerships, meeting CSI scorecard criteria.


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