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100's of millions of jobs are at risk as AI automates today's jobs at an exponential rate. EXPLORE helps companies prepare for the future of work by building talent pipelines, reskilling current employees and hiring new digital talent so that they can thrive in the new digital economy.

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Build a Pipeline

Build a pipeline of talent that you need to survive and thrive in the new world of work that is coming at us at alarming speed.

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Reskill Your Workforce

Your teams needs to quickly reskill and retrain so you can modernise your workforce to win in a highly competitive, digital world.

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Hire Digital Talent

Access our large database of young talent who have a broad range of Data Science, Engineering and software skills that you need in your workplace.

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Invest your Skills Development spend to digitise your organisation

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EXPLORE is a SETA accredited institution so your spend on training scores you your BBBEE points while preparing your organisation for the future of work.

EXPLORE's world-class platform ATHENA allows delivery of learning to anyone, anywhere at anytime, perfect for employees who want to learn after hours.

EXPLORE teaches using new innovative methods. Learning is personalised, experiential, and project-based with lots of team-work solving real-world problems.

EXPLORE sources talent from all corners, finding the raw talent that your organisation requires as the Fourth Industrial Revolution accelerates.

We have some of the top Data Science practitioners and Academics on our Faculty building and delivering our cutting edge courses.

Our learning platform updates you real-time on how your learners are performing so that you can track the stars and accelerate them through your organisation.

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