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Transform Your Workforce

Business challenges are becoming increasingly complex. Skills are rapidly becoming redundant.

We support South Africa’s major corporations in staying relevant and capable. We help businesses upskill and reskill their analysts, equipping them with the tools and technologies to overcome wicked problems.

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Upskill Your Team

Take your team's skills to the next level with targeted interventions.

Reskill Your Team

Repurpose large parts of your workforce to enable them to thrive in the future.


Assess the current state of your organization to see how Digital Ready they are.

Our Interventions


We go long with your rocket scientists on Python, PowerBI, SQL and libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras, Pandas


We deliver the basic concepts of Data Science so your management layer understands the power of the data they are sitting on.


We deliver Big Picture thinking on what Data Science is and how it can transform your organization.


Learn by Doing

We believe that you only learn something by doing it. We are not big on abstract lectures - we rather teach you to write code to solve problems

Solve Real-World Problems

Our courses teach you how to solve problems in the real world using the latest tools and technologies. You work in teams to deliver solutions with tight deadlines - just like you would in the workplace.

Learn from the Best

EXPLORE is led by top academics and practitioners with decades of experience solving real world problems. You'll be surrounded by a great Faculty.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you do not get a job withing 6 months of completing the programme we refund your fees. We back our product.

Find the Next Best Version of Yourself

Our innovative Way of the EXPLORER programme teaches you what counts: how to show up each day and have impact in your world.

Access Our Career Services

EXPLORE has a team of industry experts who focus all their time on kick-starting your career. With a 90%+ placement EXPLORE is there to shine a light on your dreams.

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Take Your Team to the Next Level

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