Futureproof your Organisation

ExploreAI helps organisations prepare for the future of work through building talent pipelines, upskilling employees and sourcing new digital talent.

AI is automating today’s jobs

Transform your digital footprint using our tailor-made organisational solutions

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and any organisation not actively pursuing a digital footprint to develop the talent within and being attracted to it, will be left far, far behind.

At ExploreAI we believe that constantly evolving one’s approach to ensure a broad range of skills at all levels in is the best approach - from juniors to leadership, each member of the organisation plays a part in its digital transformation.

Data lies at the heart of this transformation and our novel approach to building pipelines of talent, hiring raw talent and upskilling current talent is the only certain way to stay ahead of the pack.

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What we can offer you

At ExploreAI we believe that all organisations can benefit from an injection of digital skills to boost performance, productivity and profit.

  • Maximise return on your BBBEE spend

    ExploreAI is a SETA accredited institution so your spend on training scores you your BBBEE points whilst preparing your organisation for the future of work.

  • Hire Digital Talent

    Access our database of young talented scientists who have a broad range of the Data Science, Engineering and Software skills that you need to boost your workforce.

  • Upskill your Workforce

    Your teams needs to quickly reskill and retrain so that you can maintain the momentum required to to win in a highly competitive, digital world.

  • Build a Pipeline of Talent

    We work with you to identify the data skills you need. We then tailor make a skills programme that delivers the perfect quality and quantity of skills to your organisation each year.

Our Programmes

At ExploreAI we believe that all organisations can benefit from an injection of digital skills to boost performance, productivity and profit.

  • Data Science

    Our flagship learning pathway to uncover the magic of how data can be used to solve difficult problems in any context.

  • Data Engineering

    Learn how to engineer and manage powerful data platforms that run large Enterprises.

Long Courses


  • SETA accredited programmes
  • Employed & Unemployed Learnership options
  • 6 / 12 months (internship dependent)
Short Courses

Digital Skills

  • 6 week online part-time learning
  • Independent, relevant and in-demand skills taught
  • Workplace ready skills delivered

"A leader's job is not to do the work for others, it's to help others figure out how to do it themselves, to get things done, and to succeed beyond what they thought possible".

Simon Sinek

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Why ExploreAI?

World Class Technology

ExploreAI's world-class learning management platform allows delivery of learning to anyone, anywhere at anytime, perfect for employees who want to learn after hours.

Innovative and effective teaching methods

ExploreAI teaches using practical, relevant and comprehensive methods. Learning is personalised, experiential, and project-based with the emphasis on teamwork solving real-world problems.

Invest your BBBEE Skills Development Spend

ExploreAI is a SETA accredited institution so your spend on training scores you your BBBEE points while preparing your organisation for the future of work.

Best-in-class Faculty

We have the best, most passionate and creative Data Science practitioners and academics on our faculty. They are dedicated to building and delivering our cutting edge courses with enthusiasm, excellent execution and a human touch.

Inclusive Recruitment

ExploreAI sources talent from all corners, finding the raw talent that your organisation requires as the Fourth Industrial Revolution accelerates. We select students based on aptitude and attitude and our rigorous, inclusive admissions ensure we only admit learners who are talented, passionate and determined to make an impact on the world.

Real-time Feedback

Our learning management platform updates you real-time on how your learners are performing so that you can track the stars and accelerate them through your organisation.

Evolve to data-driven decision making

Empower all employees to ground critical decisions in evidence, data and feedback.

The days of relying on gut feel and past experience are well and truly over. Gathering, analysing and then translating real data into powerful insights is the only way to ensure ongoing business progress and innovation.

ExploreAI partners with organisations to train employees in these fundamental skills. With our suite of course options, finding the right combination of skills for different teams is simple, efficient and economical.

ExploreAI has truly surpassed our expectations. I look forward to seeing the future impact of the ExploreAI Academy on the Telkom Group and on our country!
Setfan Steffen
BCX Group
BBBEE Spend that counts

ExploreAI is a SETA accredited institution so training spend earns BBBEE points.

Maximising the outcomes from BBBEE spend has never been more critical. Organisations are changing, customer needs are shifting and the future is becoming less certain every day. In this climate, one sure thing is that data skills are increasing in relevance and demand.

Investing in practical skills which can be put to use creating value immediately is the most efficient way of leveraging your BBBEE spend. Our Employed and Unemployed learnerships deliver exactly these skills in a unique and impactful way.

Because of their dynamic approach to education and learning, combined with real world data science expertise, we identified ExploreAI as our ideal partner.
Vere Millican
African Bank

Let’s work together to give your teams the data-driven decision-making mindset they need to drive performance and profitability.

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