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Shaun Dippnall

Previous experience:

  • Chief Actuary
  • Chief Data Scientist
  • Chief Executive
  • Lecturer of Actuarial Science
  • EdTech Entrepreneur

Aidan Helmbold

Previous experience:

  • Lead Data Scientist
  • Investment Actuary
  • Management Consultant

Dave Strugnell

Previous experience:

  • Head of Actuarial Science UCT
  • Head of Research
  • Marketing Actuary
  • Actuarial Board Member
  • Actuarial Director

Why are we doing this?

The three of us have been working as Data Scientists in disguise throughout our careers as Actuaries. We have noticed that the most effective “number crunchers” are those that can identify, and then tackle, a problem in the real-world, regardless of industry. Our Academy aims to be a place where a combination of these business and analytical skills can be practised and refined: to produce world-class data scientists.

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