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Do Amazing Things

We’re reinventing education. We’re building a next-generation learning institution. We’re the launch pad for this country’s strongest talent.
We’re a bunch of crazy scientists who believe technology can help save the world.
We’re passionate about our country and on a mission to help Amazing People do Amazing Things. We’re going to make a huge difference. We know it. And we won’t stop till we do.

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What We Believe In

Talent is Everywhere

Our country has crazy talent. We have some of the best skills on the planet. And it's often in the places you least expect. We find that talent and we accelerate it.

Teams Eat Individuals for Breakfast

A small group of committed individuals can change the world. Indeed that is the only thing that ever has.

No Degree Required

We don't care about your degree. We care that you have passion, purpose and aptitude. That you have fire in your heart. That you're on a mission to make the world better.

Walk Barefoot

We only hire and recruit individuals who we want to spend time with. Life is short. There's not enough time to waste it on people who lack humility.

It's NOT About the Code

Coding is easy. Algorithms are a piece of cake. The real stuff you'll learn are how to be a better, stronger and more humble human being.

Give Back

Great people give back. We look for them. We want them on our Campus. We back students who have a need to contribute to the world.

What We Do

EXPLORE fosters an elite professional community of individuals and companies through education and strategic career connections.

Educating Individuals

  • Build vital skills at all professional levels
  • Collaborate and connect with an elite network
  • Change and boost your career and portfolio

Hiring Opportinities

We've helped organziations of all sizes hire amazing people; From startups to national providers.

Educating Companies

  • Partnerships with Fortune 1000 Companies
  • Customized staff training to advance employees
  • Dedicated hiring pipeline to acquire EXPLORE Alumni

Our Track Record

Starting Salary


We test for aptitude and attitude. Our application processes are open to anyone and our Payment Plans allow access to students from any background.

Our learning platform updates your learning profile in real-time so you know how you’re doing all the time. Every day you now where to focus and what to do next.

Learning centres around solving real-world problems in teams with tight deadlines Every few weeks we give you new problems, new team and new deadlines to work towards

At EXPLORE you're surrounded by people. Your peers, your facilitators, your supervisors and your team members. You learn to work together, collaborate, lead and follow.

We believe that some of the most important skills of the future have nothing to do with coding. Creativity, grit and determination are examples of these. We challenge students to grow into these areas with our Way of the EXPLORER programme.

We deliver our outcomes on our ATHENA platform. This allows us to deliver a consistent, affordable and scalable learning experience across South Africa.

Lauch your career today
and start doing Amazing Things

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