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We’re reinventing education. We’re building a next-generation learning institution. We’re the launch pad for this country’s strongest talent.
We’re a bunch of crazy scientists who believe technology can help save the world.
We’re passionate about our country and on a mission to help Amazing People do Amazing Things. We’re going to make a huge difference. We know it. And we won’t stop till we do.

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What We Believe In

Talent is Everywhere

Our country has crazy talent. It’s often hidden in places you’d least expect. We find that talent, nurture it, and accelerate it.

Teams Eat Individuals for Breakfast

A small group of committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, that is the only thing that ever has.

No Degree Required

We don’t care about degrees. Don’t show us qualifications, show us passion, purpose and potential. Show us your fire, and your desire to change the world.

Love The People You Work With

We only hire and recruit people we want to work with. Life is short. There’s no time to waste on energy vampires.

It's NOT About the Code

Coding is easy. Algorithms are a piece of cake. How to be a better, stronger, more humble human – that is what you’ll really learn.

Give Back

Great people give back. Those are the people we want on our campus. You back others, we back you.

Our Team

We have an amazing team of high performers: Olympiad winners, debating champions, nuclear physicists, cricketers, young parents, and rocket scientists. But that is only part of why they are here. Every one of these high-achieving post grads has the same mission: to reimagine education for the benefit of all.

Jonathan Gerrand

Data Scientist

Jonathan is an electrical engineer specialising in biomedical image processing and machine learning (MSc). Having been a founding member of the Data Science for Impact and Decision Enablement (DSIDE) program within the CSIR, he is passionate about teaching, innovating for good, and equipping others to reason within a data driven world. Jonathan loves the outdoors, is unashamedly nerdy, and relishes a compelling debate.

Laura Martinus

Data Scientist

Laura spends her time training future data scientists at Explore. She is particularly interested in using data science to improve living conditions in Africa in terms of access to healthcare and education. Her research interests are in NLP, with a focus on creating translation systems for the African languages, and her ongoing postgraduate studies focuses on practical applications of machine learning in healthcare. When she’s not at work, you can find Laura hiking, doing yoga, or writing NeurIPS papers.


Research Professional

Kwanda is a research professional with a masters in Computer Science, specializing in reinforcement learning. He is passionate about automation and lives at the intersection between robotics and machine learning. Kwanda's spirit animal is a flying roomba.

What We Do Differently

We don’t just test for aptitude, we also test for attitude. Anyone can apply. Our payment options make this education possible for more people. In all, we get more talent with more diversity and greater creativity.

Our learning platform keeps students updated on their progress in real time. They learn self-management and always know where to focus their energies.

EXPLORE students learn the reality of high-intensity deadline-focused work schedules. Every few weeks EXPLORERs receive new problems to solve with new teams under new deadlines.

At EXPLORE, teamwork is not a tired, superficial management concept, it is a core skill. The future lies in communication and collaboration, and EXPLORE students are taught to exemplify both.

We believe in developing more than coding skills. We help our students find their grit, their value, their creativity and their guts. Our WAY OF THE EXPLORER programme is a unique student development initiative that builds powerful people, not just powerful programmers.

We don’t just teach these skills, we practice them for real. Our self-built ATHENA platform is the hub of all course management. Dynamic, responsive and cloud-based, it allows us to deliver consistent, affordable and scalable learning across South Africa.

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