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Machine Learning for Actuaries

In this 3 month course we blitz through the Machine Learning toolkit so that you are brought up to speed with the advances in Data Science and Machine Learning. We get you up and running with Python and dive straight into the tools, techniques and platforms of a Machine Learning expert.

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What a short intro to this course

Machine Learning for Actuaries

  • Course Duration:

    3 Month Programme

    Study 10 hrs/week

  • Course Opens:

    15 April 2018
  • Skill level:


What will you learn?

You’re an actuary – so you’re flipping smart! And you know a lot of stuff! This course is about teaching you new languages and ways to express your brilliance as an Actuary. After this course you will be able to do things ten times faster, better and cheaper than you are at the moment!

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Why do this course?

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Meet the Course Designers

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